Bundle: Kardia Mobile ECG and Carrying Case

Order the Kardia Mobile ECG today for $99 and get a FREE iPhone case. 

This version of the FDA-cleared AliveCor Mobile ECG (previously known as the 3rd generation AliveCor Heart Monitor) includes a convenient snap-on case for your iPhone 5/5s. Please note that the case does not fit on the iPhone 5c.

The Mobile ECG wirelessly communicates with the free AliveECG app, available in the U.S. Apple App Store. ECGs are stored in the app and on secure, encrypted servers that can be viewed anytime, anywhere. ECGs can also be printed or e-mailed directly from your smartphone or tablet, and you can grant access to your physician.

How big is it? (L) 5in x (W) x 2.5in x (D) 0.5in, weight 1.2oz (includes 3.0V, CR2016 battery)

Will the Mobile ECG work with my smartphone or tablet? http://www.alivecor.com/compatibility

How long until I receive my order? What are the shipping costs? http://www.alivecor.com/shipping

What is the warranty? http://www.alivecor.com/warranty

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