Recommended Accessories

Carry Pod opened with Kardia Mobile and closed attached to keychain

Carry Pod

$ 29.99

Take an instant EKG with your KardiaMobile anytime, anywhere with the all-new Carry Pod. Our Carry Pod makes carrying your KardiaMobile convenient, discreet and easier than ever. The Carry Pod blends fashion and function in one convenient carrying case. Crafted with high-quality material for extra durability, a magnetic closure and key ring opening, carrying your KardiaMobile is discreet, easy and as versatile as ever. Simply slide the KardiaMobile behind the center strap for secure placement.

iPhone 8/7 case attached to an iPhone holding Kardia Mobile

iPhone 8/7 Case

$ 29.99

This iPhone 8/7 case does double duty. The durable, impact resistant material protects your phone in style, and it holds your KardiaMobile so you don’t have to. Take an EKG without having to remove the KardiaMobile from the case. It's slim, compact, and it snugly holds the device to your phone for convenience. Now your personal EKG will always be with you.

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